2012 Multi-Club Swap Meet
Well, the first ever Multi Club Swap Meet was very successful. Here are some pictures of the event that Carl took. Special thanks need to go out to Ken Crane and Carl Vogel for putting this together; Jackie and Cheryl for selling the pizza, and to Derrick for running the door and raffle in a most excellent way.

This was more successful than any of us had hoped; after all, it’s the first of its kind.  All who attended or rented tables to sell goods had positive things to say.  It was super easy as all were in charge of their own prices and handling of funds.  There were some excellent deals to be had and all of the participants seem to be moving through what they had to sell briskly.  The facility at the Bridgewater Knights of Columbus was excellent and they were extremely accommodating.

What was most appreciated was how quickly things moved along.  Unlike an auction where moving through items is sometimes very slow, this was unbelievably efficient.  It began at 10:00AM and was wrapping up just after lunch.  After all was said and done, all three clubs made a few bucks and it was a great service to all of our members that wanted to get super deals on items or to sell things they don’t use anymore.

We will certainly consider this again for next year.