Welcome to the South Shore Radio Control Club (SSRCC).

Our flying club has been around for more than fifty years. Through that lengthy period of time the evolution of this wonderful hobby has unfolded, beginning with very basic operation and control over man's most cherished goal, that of flight.Through the efficiency of technology it has become easier than ever to get into this great hobby, and at a much lower cost than in past years. Now, computer simulation allows those interested in learning to fly remote control airplanes to practice and learn the basics before even purchasing an airplane.Once you learn the basics in front of the computer this hobby is an excellent way to enjoy the outdoors, quality time with friends and family, and the challenge of making an airplane fly to newer heights. It's a hobby that can be enjoyed and appreciated by young and old as well as everyone in between.

Our incredible flying field is located on Massachusetts State property behind the Bridgewater Corrections facility in Bridgewater, MA and has got to be one of the best flying fields in the entire world. Our runway is massive and pristinely groomed. Our pit area is large and has a pavilion for protection from the elements, handy benches for plane assembly and testing, as well as barbeque grills for all members to use. Our parking area is large with the ability to accommodate large crowds for events and social gatherings that may include spectators. Our mission is to create and nurture a friendly and welcoming environment, while at the same time providing assistance and guidance for anyone interested in learning about remote control flying. We will help all that are interested to pick the best computer simulation as well as the best trainer plane, and we have several members that are highly skilled and highly qualified instructors that will work with you side-by-side. So whether you are interested in learning to fly, are already an accomplished flyer looking for a great group of friendly and helpful members to fly with, or simply want to watch the airplanes fly, come on out and see us at SSRCC.

Donald Brown,
President, SSRCC